Who we are

we’re a group of experienced and enthusiastic engineers focused on delivering creative production-quality solutions to existing challenges faced by entrepreneurs and companies in early stages of product development.

Over the years, we have developed several products for various markets, from concept to volume production.

What we do

we’re a holistic product development company. We help individuals and companies commercialize their products regardless of their current development stage.

Over the past 12 years, we have developed strong partnerships with semiconductor, PCB, plastics, component and contract manufacturers in Japan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and US to provide high quality products for our customers.

Our expertise includes

Bring your models to life

we work closely with you to integrate the electronics, mechanics and aesthetics of your design and select the appropriate manufacturing partners to enable a seamless development and production of your device.

A custom silicon solution

we work with highly experienced and reputable analog and digital designers to facilitate your specification into silicon reality.

in parallel, we select the appropriate wafer foundry and packaging house to build the prototype and production units of your silicon.

all of the design & manufacturing collaboration, software development, qualification and characterization of the silicon is done in house to ensure a seamless design, development and manufacturing experience.

throughout the design and development process, we work with you to choose the most cost effective development and production solution to enable you to be competitive in your targeted market.

MEMS Design and Support

our experience in MEMS packaging provides you with a seamless and customized solution to integrating your MEMS die with passives, ASIC and substrate/PCB.

Creating a module

should you have a need for convert your Arduino, Raspberry pi prototype or custom silicon into a commercial product, we can help you with the design and production of your prototype.

System and communication platform

Lynxemi with it's partners have a robust mesh communication platform for low data sensor monitoring and other IoT applications. It's low memory footprint and simplicity means that it works well on highly embedded, low power systems. It has improved coverage over BlueTooth and lower power than WiFi making it ideal for medium range low cost applications.

Production, Testing and Logistics

your production, testing, packaging, storage and shipping requirements will be handled efficiently by our supply chain manager. Regardless of volume, we manage the build, storage and shipping your products by air or sea via insured forwarders to its final destination.

Our People

The staff at Lynxemi are all veterans of the semiconductor manufacturing industry having gained their experience at companies such as Freescale, IBM, ST, ASE, StatsChipPac, UTAC, SwitchCore, and Silicon Systems.

  • Paymon Rasekhy

    Founder and CEO

    25+ years of experience in test engineering, new product development and manufacturing

    Business development

    Paymon holds a bachelors in electronics engineering from California State University, Fullerton

  • Kingsly Christopher

    Test Director

    20+ years of test development experience Expert in semiconductor test technology

    MSc in optical engineering

  • David Lucas

    Principal Engineer

    25+ years of experience in systems engineering

    PhD in microelectronics

  • Andrew Lucas

    Lead Chemist

    20+ years of experience in chemistry and applied materials

    PhD in chemistry

Where are we

20 Woodlands Link
Singapore, 738733